Lark Cake Shop


Cuisine: Bakery & Cakes

Location: Pasadena, CA





Lark Cake Shop is an award winning bakery offering specialty cakes at two Los Angeles area locations, Silver Lake and Pasadena.   Family owned and operated, their cakes, cupcakes and cookies are made with fresh, locally produced ingredients. The Icebox Cake is their signature recipe, originating in mid-century America and reintroduced at Lark Cake Shop in 2007.

John Hensley

John Hensley found his passion in baking after a successful career in television production.  His love for home-style baked goods called to him and ultimately opened Lark Cake Shop in Silver Lake in 2007.  As a San Gabriel Valley native, he chose Pasadena’s Historic Highlands neighborhood in 2015 to open his second shop.