Arrow Lodge Brewing


Cuisine: Beer

Location: Covina, CA 




Arrow Lodge Brewing is a modest yet intrepid brewery located in Covina, CA just 22 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles. 

Arrow Lodge was founded on the love and appreciation of craft beer. We believe in perfecting traditional styles while exploring dynamic and non-traditional taste profiles. Our Brewmaster Amy Heller is meticulous in building her recipes and calculated in her brewing, making excellence appear effortless. 

At Arrow Lodge we understand the importance of not only making great beer but also providing a beautiful and relaxing space to enjoy it. Our tasting room combines an old world feel with a touch of modern that makes for a warm & welcoming lodge environment.

Owned and operated by a cast of characters. Victor, Andy and Elias’s objective is to make our community proud while creating a unique beer drinking experience, always staying true to the craft one batch at a time. As the great Theodore Roosevelt said “Nothing in this world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain and difficulty.” We hope you love our beer as much as we love making it.