West Side Banh Mi


Cuisine: Banh Mi

Location: Food Truck





The first of it’s kind West Side Banh Mi/Street Kitchen is the ultimate fusion truck. Serving guests tantalizing offerings from the East to the West. This is the only truck in LA where you can order a Tom Yum chicken noodle bowl with an 18-hour smoked Wagyu Brisket sandwich. The eclectic mix of flavors and textures are sure to take your tastebuds on a journey they will never forget!

Chef Jacko Ourfalian

Chef Jacko Ourfalian began his love for cooking during his adolescent years, while working as a prep cook for the executive chef at The Taste of Italy in Daytona Beach, Florida. Chef Jacko moved back to his hometown Los Angeles, CA where he pursued his passion for the culinary arts by attending the acclaimed Le Cordon Bleu, where he graduated with high honors at the top of his class. After graduation, Chef Jacko had the privilege of apprenticing with some of the most renowned Chef’s, such as Thomas Keller of Bouchon, Michael Cimarusti of Providence, and Wolfgang Puck of Spago. Taking the many techniques he learned over the years he achieved the positon of Executive Chef.  (at 240 South.) 

With Chef Jacko’s unique palate and culinary techniques combined with Destina’s creativity and thirteen years in hospitality management for food service, together they launched West Side Banh Mi.  West Side Bahn Mi is an Asian Fusion Truck blending Southeast Asian flavors with Mediterranean and Latin influences. Three years later, wanting to enhance the gourmet food truck experience, Chef Jacko and Destina created the ultimate fusion truck, merging Westside Bahn Mi with Street Kitchen. The first of its kind, a dual concept food truck Westside Bahn Mi / Street Kitchen serves tantalizing offerings from the East to the West.