Cuisine: Beer, Wine, & Spirits

Location: Los Angeles, CA





Vinovore is so much more than a vendor of high-quality wines. In addition to a great wine selection, this company chooses to empower women through its commitment to exclusively selling products produced by female winemakers. Vinovore’s shop only adds to this experience by selling books written by female authors and partnering with different charities throughout the year. Another major selling point for the company is that Vinovore makes the process of choosing a wine fun. Their brand uses witty “personality descriptions” to assist customers in finding a wine perfectly suited for their palate. Purchasing from Vinovore leads to the advancement of women in winemaking and business, which is a win for everyone!

Coly Den Haan

Coly Den Haan is a certified Sommelier and beer specialist with an impressive restauranteur history. Some of her well-known business ventures include Perch and The Must.