Vegan Sunday Supper


Cuisine: Italian / Vegan

Location: Los Angeles, CA 





At Sunday Supper we know you want to balance your love of delicious food with causes that affect all of us. In order to do that you need organic plant-based meals that actually taste good. The problem is, we sometimes get too busy to eat well and we get tired of our current options. At Sunday Supper we think that it’s not unrealistic to enjoy a gourmet meal and even change the world a little.

When you have dinner covered, you and your friends can relax and enjoy time together. When it’s vegan, you can change the world one plant-based meal at a time! Sunday Supper prepares organic plant-based Italian cuisine for your dinner table, so you can share community and delicious plant-based food, without spending hours in the kitchen.

Delicious Italian cuisine brings people together & plant-based options at home change the world one meal at a time.