The Brothers Sushi


Cuisine: Sushi

Location: Woodland Hills, CA 

Sushi has been served up at The Brothers Sushi in Woodland Hills for decades. But since Chef Mark Okuda took over the location in 2018, The Brothers Sushi has become one of LA’s best restaurants. Okuda stands out with his focus on combining the finest seasonal ingredients from around the world with the freshest California ingredients. He sources fish from multiple specialized providers, and vegetables come from the local farmer’s markets. But beyond his meticulous sourcing, what distinguishes Okuda is his originality and desire to take Japanese food new places. As a result the menu always includes unique and tempting seasonal offerings that you won’t find elsewhere.

Mark Okuda

Mark Okuda grew up spending time in the Japanese restaurants where his mother worked. At 16 he got a job at Chiba, a popular North Hollywood restaurant, and worked his way up from busboy to sushi chef over several years. He later joined the high-end Asenabo where he worked with the highest-quality ingredients and learned from chef/founder Tetsuya Nakao and Shunji Nakao.