The Base


Cuisine: Cocktail Mixers

Location: Los Angeles, CA 





Owned and operated by partners and chefs Tongkamal “Joy” Yuon and Wedchayan “Deau” Arpapornnopparat, The Base is a popular hand-crafted line of beverage starters featuring flavors such as Gooseberry Marigold, Blackberry Charcoal and season specials such as Lychee and Blood Orange Elderflower. The Base can be enjoyed in the ombré/rainbow drinks made famous at Smorgusburg LA from their offshoot concept – The Happiness Capsule. The Base has also popped up at Coachella, Artisanal LA and other music festivals. Prior to these projects, Joy had spent time behind the bar and managing front of house operations for various restaurants. She’s also known for her Thai Iced Tea stand at 626 Night Market called 16 Ounces, which led to The Base back in 2015.