Ramen Tatsunoya


Cuisine: Ramen

Location: Pasadena, CA 




Ramen Tatsunoya was born on May 14th, 1999, in Kurume City, Fukuoka, where the founder, Ryuta Kajiwara, was born and raised.

Since then, our goal has been unchanged: To dedicate ourselves not only to serve the best bowl of ramen possible, but also to give “kando” when people dine at Ramen Tatsunoya.

What is kando? Kando is a touchstone for us as it’s the Japanese word that describes an awe-inspiring feeling. It may be our signature tonkotsu ramen that gives you kando, or perhaps it’s one of our servers who goes that extra kilometer to improve your dining experience. We do this because our goal is for everyone from customers to employees to be happy, because like a circle, when our customers feel kando, we feel kando in return.

Built on the same belief that has supported Ramen Tatsunoya in Japan since 1999, Ramen Tatsunoya’s first U.S. location opened in Old Pasadena, California in 2015. In 2019, we celebrated the opening of our second U.S. location in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake neighborhood.]

Although other ramen pioneers in the United States have paved a path that many follow, we think there is much more work to be done. Unlike others, we strive to bring genuine ramen craftsmanship to the U.S., making ramen a truly universal food by improving ramen culture one bowl at a time.