Preux & Proper


Cuisine: Mixologist

Location: Los Angeles, CA





Preux and Proper takes pride in their designer cocktails created by master mixologist Kassady Wiggins. Each of their drinks is layered with freshly squeezed juices, locally sourced ingredients, and artisanal spirits. The cocktail menu is inspired by their favorite regions of The South, “telling a story of both past and present”. One of their house specialties is called the Cattywampus Punch, which serves four people. It is crafted with strawberry brandy, peychauds bitters, lemon, housemade orgeat, and absinthe rinse. 

Kassady Wiggins

Beverage Director Kassady Wiggins uses her Greenville, South Carolina roots to inspire the cocktail menu at Preux & Proper. Each unique cocktail she creates aligns with the Southern culture the restaurant has established.