Pomp And Whimsy


Cuisine: Spirits

Location: Toluca Lake 





Pomp and Whimsy pride themselves on making gin from scratch from a select blend of 16 natural and whole ingredients infusing a fruit-floral-botanical taste to each signature drink. Their menu offers gin selections that are subtly sweet and eminently quaffable; bringing fancy, modernity, and a touch of feminine flare to each. Founder and CEO, Nicola Nice used Victorian era inspiration to create a “gin- reimagined” in this wondrously crafted way.

Nicola Nice

With sought-after expertise in the national spirits sector through work with clients including DIAGEO, Gruppo Campari and Bacardi USA brands, and on a mission to bring the female consumer perspective to the forefront, in 2015 Nicola turned insight into action. A two-year journey through extensive home infusions and research with her target audience led Nicola to perfect the formula for a uniquely distinct botanical gin liqueur.