Path Water


Cuisine: Water

Location: USA 





PathWater is the exclusive still water provider for the 5th annual Masters of Taste. More than just a water bottle brand, PathWater is starting a movement. Their reusable aluminum water bottles encourage consumers to step away from buying single-use plastic water bottles. Aluminum is the only material that offers 100% recyclability, as long as placed back into the recycling system. PathWater’s bottle design keeps water colder for longer, is sustainable, and affordable. They provide local communities with the best water from their 7 step reverse osmosis filtration process. This means their water is free from additive, chlorine, pollution, fluoride, arsenic, pharmaceuticals, BPA, BPA, and 99.99% of dissolved solids. PathWater guarantees that their water has a perfectly balanced pH level.

Path Water’s mission is to help society transition from single-use plastic water bottles to reusable ones. Their desire is to “shift communities to a REUSE culture where people are smarter about recycling”. They strive to provide the best localized, sustainable, and affordable bottled water.