Nomad Ice Pops


Cuisine: Ice Cream

Location: San Gabriel, CA





Nomad Ice Pops sells great tasting, all natural, gluten free iced treats that are both fun and delicious. Owner, Geoff Jennings fell in love with “paletas” or “ice pops” during a long adventure he spent in Guatemala, and when he returned home, he wanted to recreate this tasty experience for others to enjoy. Nomad Ice Pops can create custom flavors available for catering in addition to boozy adult pops for private events. Some of the most popular flavors among children include: Strawberry Mint, Passion Fruit, and Banana dipped in Chocolate. 

Geoff Jennings

Nomad Ice Pops’ unique flavors are inspired by Jennings’ travels. The idea for his lime basil pop, for example, came from a gelato store in New Zealand. Jennings has also made red bean pops, inspired by the area’s dense Asian community. The store’s most popular flavors include berry peach lemonade and pineapple mango, while Jennings’ personal favorite flavor is strawberry mint.