MacLeod Ale Brewing Co.


Cuisine: Craft Beer

Location: Van Nuys, CA





Nestled between auto body shops on an unassuming street in the heart of Van Nuys, MacLeod Ale is an oasis for beer lovers, especially those who love British beer. Built on a foundation of cask conditioned traditional British ale, MacLeod has expanded greatly to include draft and nitro beers, as well as a steady stream of nitro coffee on tap. Most recently, MacLeod opened their own pizza kitchen, and added a soft serve ice cream machine serving the delicious, rich mix provided by the legendary, local, CVT Soft Serve of “influencers pay double” fame.



Jennifer Febre-Boase and Alastair Boase

The team is headed up by husband and wife Alastair and Jennifer Boase. Alastair hails from the West Highlands of Scotland, and Jennifer grew up near the hop farms of East Kent, England.