Little Llama Peruvian Tacos


Cuisine: Peruvian

Location: Downtown Los Angeles, CA 





A fun and casual environment with counter service and quick but not “fast” food, Little Llama strives to create a Fine Casual Dining experience of a great meal with chef-crafted food, that doesn’t cost an exorbitant amount of money.

Little Llama encourages people hang out on one of two outdoor patios, enjoy multiple courses of food paired with traditionally flavored refrescos and our handpicked selection of California Beers and Wines.

Chef Jean Valcarcel

Executive Chef Jean Valcarcel weaves his classical culinary training with the exciting and exotic flavors of his Peruvian upbringing for each of the dishes he composes. He has a voracious appetite for life and is driven by a desire to infuse his passion and enthusiasm into every single bite. His fierce love for cooking was inspired by his grandmother, with whom he grew up. She was a vegetarian who experimented with tofu, which was impossible to source in the early 1980’s in rural northern Peru. Making it from scratch with her was an elaborate two-day process: shopping for dry soybeans, soaking them overnight, and grinding them in the morning, a job that fell to Jean, as the 6-year-old “man” of the house. It was hard work and the kitchen was “destroyed” when it was all over, but the satisfaction of creating good food made it worth every effort.