Kyoto Gin


Cuisine: Spirits

Location: Kyoto, JP





Kyoto Distillery has earned its esteemed reputation by becoming Japan’s first craft gin specialist. They draw inspiration from the city of Kyoto itself, known for its beautiful fabrics, pottery, and paper. The dedication and expertise of distillers Alex Davies and Yoichi Motoki does not go unnoticed. Kyoto’s gin is distilled with fresh, delicate botanicals such as juniper, yuzu (Japanese citrus), green tea, ginger, bamboo, and sanshō (Japanese pepper). Besides juniper, these are surprising flavors to find in gin. Kyoto’s unique take on ingredients as well as its incredible quality is what distinguishes its taste from other classic gins.

Alex Davies

Alex Davies’ distilling knowledge and insight has played a major part in establishing Kyoto Gin’s unique taste. Before coming to Kyoto Gin, he was previously in charge of England’s Cotswalds Distillery.