Flying Embers


Cuisine: Hard Kombucha

Location: Ojai, CA 





In Ojai, California, our founder set out to craft bold, imaginative flavors with a modern function.

As this vision was becoming a reality, the 2017 Thomas Fires threatened to destroy all that we had built. We saw the power of a spark, and it ignited a fire within us. 

Today, all of our hard beverages are infused with gratitude, and handcrafted with intentional ingredients meant to illuminate and celebrate the experience of life.


Every hard kombucha and seltzer from Flying Embers is carefully crafted to illuminate life’s most precious moments. With a blend of fruit, flora, sweet, heat, fermented adaptogens, and ancient traditions, it’s one of our favorite good-for-you go-tos. And, when wildfires arise, Flying Embers provides shelter and critical supplies to those in need. 

Founder Bill Moses

In 2017, a massive wildfire threatened to wipe out thousands of homes and businesses in the Ojai Valley. A single ember could have ended Bill Moses’ groundbreaking botanical brewery. Instead, this challenging period sparked the beginning of Flying Embers.

After three long days of fighting the inferno with friends and neighbors, Bill was left with a profound sense of gratitude for his community. Feeling equally exhausted and inspired, he vowed to empower first responders and everyday people.