Fish Bar Manhattan Beach


Cuisine: Sea Food

Location: Manhattan Beach, CA 





At FISHBAR we specialize in mesquite grilled fish, king crab, Maine lobster, shrimp, scallops & oysters – just to name a few. We pride ourselves on delivering the absolute freshest seafood available. All of our fish is flown in daily from around the world. Our seafood is hand picked specifically for our guest.We have a very high standard for our products and consider ourselves “fanatical about freshness!” We purchase our fish whole and have a Master Filleter do all the cutting. Our fish never spend more than 24 hours in our restaurant – it comes in and goes out the same day.

Jessica Jordan

Most people starting restaurants start with defined concepts, but Jessica and Rothman created Fishbar as they went along. Despite the dilapidated condition of the dining room, they didn’t close for a single day, scheduling renovation in the wee hours and experimenting with food and service ideas as they went.