Creamy Boys Ice Cream


Cuisine: Ice Cream

Location: Los Angeles, CA 





Creamy Boys creates Real Fruit Ice Cream. To make Real Fruit Ice Cream, us kiwis blend your choice of frozen fruits with a dairy or non-dairy ice cream. We offer strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries to make a mixed berry flavor, as well as peach, mango, banana, watermelon and other fruit depending on the season and availability at the Mar Vista Farmers Market, where we are open every Sunday.

Chef Duncan Parsons

Duncan Parsons grew up on an apple farm in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. His region is home to Real Fruit Ice Cream, a popular style of ice cream that is made by blending a dairy or non-dairy vanilla ice cream base with local frozen fruit. After attending college in the United States, he moved to Los Angeles to build a food truck and start Creamy Boys Ice Cream. His goal was to bring this delicious New Zealand style of ice cream to Southern California. Creamy Boys offers fruit flavors including mixed berry, strawberry and banana, as well as Hokey Pokey, the company’s unique take on a sweet, crunchy, honeycomb-toffee flavor from New Zealand.