Bistro Mon Cheri


Cuisine: Asian Fusion

Location: Pasadena, CA





Bistro Mon Cheri is renowned chef Kimmy Tang’s newest creation and first collaboration with Vietnamese chef Chris Nguyen. After Michelia in Beverly Hills and 9021PHO’s locations in Thousand Oaks, Glendale, Beverly Hills, Sherman Oaks and West Hollywood, chef Tang is opening a unique East – West Gastronomy restaurant in Pasadena, after traveling throughout Europe and Asia in search of sui generis recipes.

Chef Kimmy Tang

Chef Kimmy’s family is Chinese but she was born and raised in Saigon. After a harrowing family story of escape and relocation to California after Saigon fell, Chef Tang first followed her artistic bent in the fashion world, then became widely considered a pioneering visionary in the Asian food market with her formal but pleasing Michelia restaurant just outside of Beverly Hills.