Amaro Angeleno


Beverage: Spirits

Location: Ventura, CA 






Amaro is made all throughout Italy.  Each with its own unique recipe and tradition. The one thing all these amari have in common is that they are all representative of the culture, people and land where they are produced.  They are all of place.

Amaro Angeleno is a California style bitter liqueur in the vein of the Italian classic Aperol. With bright citrus notes from Valencia orange peel, a balanced bitterness from gentian and a subtle floral finish, this is the perfect upgrade to your standard Spritz or White Negroni and even works fantastically with Mezcal in a Margarita or 50/50 martini. We use local grapes distilled and married with native botanicals, herbs and citrus to create a classic bitter. 

A true Southern Californian Amaro. An amaro of place.


James, Anthony, Andrew, Henry

Amaro Angeleno is made by Ventura Spirits whose team consists of James, Anthony, Andrew and Henry. From the day we began designing and building our still in 2011, the Ventura Spirits mission has been to use the natural and agricultural bounty of California’s central coast to hand-craft novel and delicious spirits. We’re driven by a sense of exploration and discovery, and we’re passionate about creating liquors with inputs that are unexplored or underutilized. We aim to contribute to a regional spirits tradition with extraordinary new products that foster a strong appreciation for our area of the world.