786 Degrees


Cuisine: Pizza

Location: Sun Valley, CA 





Ali Haider & Sayyeda Ali, proud owners of 786 Degrees Wood Fired Pizza Co., began their dream journey back in 2013. Ali being a huge foodie at heart, was representing automotive companies as a spokes model for years due to which he travelled extensively. On their honeymoon to Italy, the couple tried their first Neapolitan margherita pizza– that was the “Ah ha!” moment for them.

Pizzaiolo Ali had found his creativity outlet. His innate passion to find the best local street food led him find the right balance of local flavors with gourmet ingredients. In the will to learn from the best, this insatiable craving drove him back to the motherland of pizzas, Naples, Italy where he studied under the Master Pizzaiolos, the Artisanal craft of classic Italian cooking serving the best pizza in California. Now currently holding the titles of making one of the best pizzas in California, nationally and internationally, there is no looking back.

Chef Ali Haider

He’s been honored with the title of “Ambassador of International Flavors” — his unique sense of bringing world flavors & presenting them like a painting on a pizza is pure bliss. This unique skill not only made his restaurant 786 Degrees the Best restaurant in California by USA Today. He also made the Pizza World proud when his two pizzerias received one of the Highest All Five Star Rated Restaurants in the entire nation. A frequent name on TV and an eight-time national and
international award-winning pizzaiolo, Chef Ali is also part of United States Pizza Team and a Guinness Book Title holder.